Insulform Pools


Insulform polystyrene block reinforced concrete walls which are load bearing and thermally insulated. Construction is based on Insulform expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks which are used as a permanent framework to form the reinforced concrete walls. 

Floor construction is fill reinforceable concrete connecting to the walls. Pool shape can be any design by way of a flat or sloped bottom with optional internal walk in steps, external steps or a ladder.

Water is contained by an Aqualux high quality UV treated vinyl liner. Its 0.75 thickness and smart seam joins leave no folds for dirt to get trapped in. Specially treated to resist bacteria, durable, low maintenance and attractive finish with plain/patterned to choose from. A specialist liner fixing extrusion is used to secure the liner to the top of the wall and steps; the liner is the vacuum sealed to the pool for a smooth finish.

The filtration is by way of super skimmers for the pool These skimmers come with extra large baskets for easier maintenance. The water is filtered by a self priming pump into a multipart filter, which contains glass filter media. The size pump and filter is determined by the pool volume. The filtered water is retuned to the pool by the required number of returns. As an option to be able to maintain the pool level continually at the right level, an automatic water leveller can be plumbed into the system at the time of installation. There are different sanitising units available as well as cover choices and heating options.

For further information, please contact us – these pools are POA.

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