Water Testing


FREE Pool & Spa Computerised Water Testing

  1. Pick up a free Water Sample bottle from Pool & Pump World’s store at 27 Gordons Road, Ashburton. Or we can come to you to collect a sample within the Ashburton Town Boundary.
  2. Bring the sample to us and we’ll analyse it using our computerised Water Testing facility.
  3. We’ll give you a printout of the results, plus printed step-by-step recommendations, and we’ll explain the key points.
  4. If necessary we can supply any Bioguard chemicals you require. We can also come to you and treat the water for you (for a charge). We’ll also keep a history of all your Water Tests and inform you of ongoing problems. We can also advise you of Chemical specials.

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Domestic & rural water testing
Concerned about water quality / taste / colour? We’ll send sample/s to a specialist (and independent) Water Testing facility. e.g. They can test for NITRATES – which cannot be treated with standard Water Filters.

There will be a charge for Testing – this, which varies depending on the test/s required. You can pick up and use our free Water Sample bottles, or we can come to you to collect sample/s within the Ashburton Town Boundary. Water purification systems Pool & Pump World supply, install and service all types of systems, products and spares. Our comprehensive range includes Benchtop and Underbench Filters.

Carbon Filters
Removes Chlorine, tastes, odours, dissolved colour, pesticides, volatile and organic Carbons, Chloramines. Reduces Cysts.

Neutralising Filters (for Acidic Water)
Natural, safe way to elevate pH. Acidic water can cause metal corrosion, fitting failure, green/blue staining. High metal levels in water can also create a bitter metallic taste.

UV Water Sterilizers
99.9% destruction of most bacteria and viruses, Giardia & Cryptosporidium.


  • Housings
  • Filter Accessories & Spares
  • Prefilters
  • Filter Joiners
  • Lamps & Sleeves
  • Tanks, Automatic Heads & Accessories
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • De-Ionisers & Accessories
  • Quick-Fit Connectors
  • Disinfection products
  • Distillers
  • Water Coolers, Parts & Accessories
  • Pool & Spa Replacement Cartridge Elements

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