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BioGuard Pool & Spa Products & Chemicals

We have an extensive range of pool products and chemicals for all salt and fresh water requirements. Whether you are a new pool owner or experienced, we can help you look after it. Here are our product categories and their uses.


Traditionally, sanitisers have been used to treat and control algae but this is proving to be much less reliable as algae species become more diverse and resistant. This leads us to the need for control agents designed specifically to counter the defence mechanisms algae has developed to protect itself. Even if we can’t see them, algae spores are always present and when they become active, they thrive on wastes in the water and dramatically multiply in numbers. It is important to control algae in swimming pools for health, safety and aesthetic reasons. An algae-infested swimming pool is also an expensive and frustrating problem to correct.


Water balance is important as it ensures that the mineral content of the water is in an appropriate state to protect the pool surface and equipment and make water more comfortable to swim in. Water balance is affected by a wide range of variables – the quality of the source water, what chemicals are added to the water, the exposure of the pool to weather conditions and so on. A proper balance of chemical factors such as total alkalinity, pH and calcium, is needed for the sanitiser to work correctly, the water to be pleasant to swim in, and to prevent scaling or corrosion of the pool surface and equipment.


Oxidation removes swimmer wastes and destroys organic contaminants in the water. The aim of regular oxidation is to keep the pool water sparkling and clear of impurities. Oxidation also removes chloramines, which are the result of Free Chlorine reacting with nitrogen-based material in the water. Chloramines are often the cause of skin and eye irritation, and the overbearing smell is often blamed erroneously on the chlorine itself.


Salt Pools

Current estimates place salt chlorination in over 75% of all pools in Australia and New Zealand. BioGuard has therefore developed the following range of salt pool products to enhance the operation of salt pools.


Sanitising pool water kills bacteria, which can be harmful to people using the pool. Bacteria is caused by a wide variety of sources such as rain, dust, insects and birds. Sanitiser levels need to be maintained to keep bacteria at bay and also as an aid in controlling algae. BioGuard offers several chlorine based pool sanitiser options that present a cost-effective alternative to liquid chlorine. Our Sanitisers are user friendly, with many being Non-Dangerous Goods. They are storage and transport friendly, simple to use and very effective in maintaining a healthy pool.


One of the major differences that set BioGuard apart from most of its competitors is its research and development into value-added technologies. The following products are designed to further enhance the swimming experience by improving swimmer comfort, reducing skin and eye irritation, improving water clarity, enhancing the performance of products like sanitisers and oxidisers, and helping to prevent the growth of algae. These benefits improve the swimming experience and help to care for and protect your valuable asset.

FREE water testing!

Do you have some concerns about the quality of your pool, spa or domestic water?
We offer Free Water testing. Simply collect a water testing sample bottle from our shop and return this to us and we computer analysis your water and can make recommendations on how to get your water back to being crystal clear. Call in and see us for a chat!
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